I've read these books on Cuba and I can recommend them

For a small island only half the size of England, Cuba has had an avalanche of books written about its history and people.

Over the past 51 years there has been little opportunity for a Cuban to write about his country without first escaping to Miami. This is itself a separate literature of Cuba. 

Spotlight on Christopher P. Baker

Christopher P. Baker is one of the world’s finest travel writers…
so lucky for us that he fell in love with Cuba.

Christopher writes so that you feel, smell and hear the sights and sounds of this unique travel destination. With his books in hand, you’ll make a good trip into an unforgettable one.

Keep in mind that few Cubans will speak frankly with a foreigner

Until a Cuban has come to trust you... you will be better suited to interpret what you see and hear in its streets and homes by reading a few books.

Cuba continues to fascinate visitors

But by understanding its history, you can build an over-all picture of the island and what drives its people as well as its émigrés.

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