Inbound travelers

Be prepared for Cuban customs 

Upon your arrival in Cuba, all luggage will be x-rayed.

WARNING: Do not attempt to bring any of the old Cuban currency known as the CUC into Cuba. It is forbidden to do so  since this currency has been withdrawn from circulation.

News for all Foreign Travelers to Cuba--as gleaned from the Cuban Government Official Gazette

Cuban Customs will increase tariffs on non-commercial imports and shipments to the Island as of January 1st 2021, when monetary unification begins in the country.

Tourists who arrive in Cuba after that date can only bring their personal effects. The Customs of Cuba lists as miscellaneous effects: footwear, clothing, personal hygiene items, costume jewelry, perfume and the like.

Passengers who bring any non-commercial products with a total value of up to $50.99 USD will be exempt from paying any customs fee.

However, Customs may demand up to 5,000 Cuban Pesos (200 USD) (or more, see below) for the importation of personal effects which in their opinion are of high value.

The value of the products included in a tourist’s luggage cannot exceed 1,000 USD.

For those tourists who return to Cuba in the same calendar year with items that are in excess of 50.99 USD (and up to 1,000 USD), a progressive rate will be charged in correspondence with the value of the items.

From 51.00 USD to 500.99 USD               100% of the value

From USD 501.00 to USD 1,000.00          200% of the value

It will be mandatory for travelers to declare to Customs all imported products, even those exempt from the payment of duties.

  •  Do not bring any kind of pornographic material or illegal drugs
  • It’s best to have a letter from your doctor if you need your meds for the duration of your trip.
  • Don’t try to bring in animals or plants.
  • And forget about household appliances such as toasters or fans. These much-needed items are for sale in the government Dollar stores for Cubans to buy at a healthy mark-up.
  • Electrical items are not allowed except those for your personal use such as razors, hair dryers and coffee makers. If you bring more, they will be taxed on the spot for whatever the market can bear.

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