The Cuban food in your hotel may seem plain but they always offer both continental or European dishes as well as local Cuban dishes.

A traditional Cuban meal: roast pork, plantain, rice and a salad

Cuban cooks have limited access to spices or the many ingredients that we take for granted which are too expensive to import. They do the very best they can with what is available, basic goods imported from the countries with which they trade.

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Havana produce markets

Cuban farmers generally don’t use pesticides

Havana markets sell organic fruit and vegetables. There is not much beef in Cuba but what there is goes to tourists. Pork is the main meat and it is sweet and succulent.

The cuisine is not sophisticated but it is freshly prepared

It has the tastes that disappeared from much of the Western world about thirty years ago, when big industry took over our farms.

Of course, there is also poor quality and over-priced food in Havana. Don’t be afraid to ask people for advice.

ice cream parlour

You can find wonderful cake and coffee at Cafe Escorial

Or buy typical Cuban snacks from street vendors

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