Rooms for rent in private homes

Some Cubans are allowed to rent out rooms... known as a casa particular.

They have to be licensed to rent to foreigners, though.

There are so many casas and each is unique. Conditions vary widely, so you may want to check first to ensure that you have hot water and a private bathroom.

Meals cost extra. It's a good idea to pay for breakfast because finding food in the Havana streets is never easy.

When you’re walking the streets of Havana and suburbs, look around and you will see room for rent signs... Se venda habitacion.

Feel free to knock on the door and inquire. Or try this site....

room for rent havana accomodation

Prices per night in Havana range from $25 to about $50. Or you can rent by the month. 

havana guest room

A typical casa particular... your bedroom is private; the living room is shared.

havana casas for rent accommodation

You can stay in

  • a 1920s mansion with Art Deco bathrooms
  • a Russian-built apartment with no flush toilet or running water
  • an 1880s mansion
  • a cottage by the sea
  • a 1950s penthouse apartment

You will love them all, because each comes with a unique Cuban family who will share their stories.

havana pig roast

You may be invited to help turn the spit at a pig roast

For your information has compiled a selection of quality websites that offer "casa" rentals.

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