Cuban coffee is a must-have

Cuban coffee, sold under the brand name Cubita, ranks among the finest in the world.

cubita cuban coffee

Your hotel will certainly serve it and its specialty shops will sell it. Good coffee such as Cubita and Serrano can be bought in any CUC store that sells food.

coffee shop havana cuba

Every Havana hotel offers coffee

Café Americano is on many menus. It is a watered-down regular coffee. Better to order Café con Leche and get hot milk with a good shot of espresso coffee.

The cheaper restaurants and cafes will serve an inferior mix

You will see signs at windows around the Havana streets offering un cafecito or small cup of espresso for just one National peso. But this coffee came off the ration card and is a mystery mix of uncertain origins. At the end, you are still searching for your caffeine fix.

cafe escorial havana cuba

Search no more

You will find the best coffee and specialty coffees in Havana at the Café Escorial in the Plaza Vieja in Old Havana. For a few dollars, you’ll be in heaven with these delightful mixtures of coffee, liqueur and cream.

Sit back and study your guide book while the coffee works its magic.

And don't forget to have some coffee freshly ground to take home

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