Cuban pesos come in two types

There are two different kinds of Cuban pesos

The currency that you will use everywhere in Cuba is the CUC, also known as the Convertible Peso.

What can you buy with the Convertible Peso?

  • Anything that is for sale in your hotel is in CUCs
  • Everything that you see in the Dollar stores is in CUCs
  • All tourist souvenirs sell for CUCs
  • Most restaurants and cafes charge in CUCs
  • Taxis accept payment in CUCs

cuban pesos for tourists


All CUC bills (ABOVE) have the words "pesos convertibles" on them so you won't mistake them for National pesos

CUCs are worth 25 TIMES the National pesos (PICTURED BELOW)

cuban national pesos
cuban national pesos

If you want to wander into a National Peso store or buy street foods or take a local bus across town, it’s a good idea to exchange a handful of your CUCs for National pesos at a Casa de cambio--or Cadeca-- that does so.

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