Cuban slang

Acere - a friend, pal (Que bola, acere? What’s up pal?)

Baro - (un/el); money (un barísimo; a lot of money)  

Bemba - thick lips (Radio Bemba; gossip or the grapevine; rumors, unfounded rumor, false report, leaked information or piece of disinformation)

Bisnero - businessman (hustler)

Chavitos - the term currently applies to the CUC currency because it is worthless outside of Cuba

Chivato - squealer, informer

Chopin (la) - shopping (in CUC store)

Chulo - pimp

Cojones - guts or balls (tu tienes cojones)

En llamas; (literally “in flames” means to be in trouble or danger); (en llama means very ugly when referring to persons) 

Filtro - clever person

Gallego - poor musician or bad dancer

Guajiro - peasant, farmer, a country man, (from the times of and after the Spanish American War of 1898); this word combines the two English words “war+hero”; it can also refer to someone who is shy or timid

Guaniquiqui, moni, baro, plata, fula - money

Guapo - troublemaker

Jamonero - someone who gropes girls on a crowded bus

Joder - f***ing (no me jodes; don’t f**k with me)

Luchar - to battle (in Cuba, to steal from your work center or to sell sweets on the streets)

Luchando - a battler and admired

Maricón - a gay person. Offensive slang. Used as a disparaging term for a gay man; also to label disloyal, unfair, unreliable or unworthy people.

Monada or mona  - police

Palestino - refers to Orientales from any class

Pinchar - to work

Pipo - if used to address a waiter, it is very disrespectful

Socio - friend, pal

Temba - middle-aged person

Tumba! or Rema! Get lost!

Yuma - foreigner


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