Use a Havana map

If you use a Havana map, you'll have less confusion about street names.

The names of many streets have changed over time, but many locals use the familiar names.

For example, you will hear them say Galiano but if you glance up at the buildings themselves, you will see Avenida de Italia has been carved upon them.

Reina was renamed Avenida Simon Bolivar

Carlos III was renamed Avenida Salvador Allende

Belascoain was renamed Padre Varela

Monte was renamed Maximo Gomez

Zulueta was renamed Agramonte

Malecon was renamed Avenida Antonio Maceo

Vives was renamed Avenida de Espana

Galiano was renamed Avenida de Italia

Teniente Rey was renamed Brasil

Paseo del Prado was renamed Paseo de Marti

tourist map of havana

Carry a map of the city that shows both street names

A few years back it was difficult to find a map of Havana but now the tourist kiosks in Old Havana, and many better hotels, sell large fold-out maps for a few CUCs.

You will find these invaluable in making your way through the winding streets.

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