Neptuno STREET

Perhaps one of the most interesting streets in all of Havana, Neptuno teems with life at all hours.

50s car on neptuno

This car is turning into the street at its beginning

Similar to San Rafael, this street has many shops and businesses in both National pesos and dollars. You can tell them apart by the quality of the goods.

Neptuno is a lively main artery cutting through Havana. There are dozens of peso shops like this one, as well as every kind of underground business.

It is the throbbing heart of Central Havana, where everyone and everything can be found at some time.

Further up the street, you will see a lot of industry from the locals

tire repair

There is always a need for tire repair for every type of vehicle.

man selling Granma

Wherever you go in Havana, old people will be selling copies of Granma, the official Cuban newspaper.

cuban printing press

Further up, you can get a fascinating look at the way our grandparents had their news printed. A worker has to be fast to keep up with these pounding presses.

The work never stops as long as the presses are running.

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