More pet dogs of Havana

The cool weather of December and January brings the pet dogs of Havana to life. They are often alert at the gates and fences or pacing on the porch. Unless they're of a certain age, of course.

dog havana cuba

Keeping an eye on the passersby is easy when you're up on a roof.

dog havana cuba

This old fella is still on guard though his eyesight is poor.

dogs havana cuba

Havana dogs rule; they roam free in parks, on sidewalks, down streets and in alleyways...

cat havana cuba

... and the smart cats stay safe behind gates.

dog havana cuba

This family pet loves to sun herself on the balcony.

dog havana cuba

This big boy jumped onto the concrete wall to protect his family when he saw me coming.

dog havana cuba

Oh, the humiliation of being dressed in their little boy's castoffs.

dog havana cuba

Above is a little dog owned by a blind man and he is very proud of his dog. I found them near a bar in Central Havana.

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