The Malecon

On the Malecon, you can see young boys climb over and down the wall, using holes made for their fingers and toes. Most of the swimming is done at the far end, but many like to dive when the tide is high and the surf is boiling.

boys on the malecon havana cuba

Even the threat of a storm can’t keep them from the sea  

malecon havana cuba

This boy didn’t worry about his risky dive

malecon havana cuba

He wants a good shot of the waves--but be careful...

malecon havana cuba

If the sidewalks are wet it's a warning that the waves can splash over the wall

Havana people have always wandered down to the seawall to gaze out to sea, meet friends, indulge in romance or just dream of a better day. It is a constant in their lives, something they can always count on to be there.

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